Tattoo Remorse?

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The more I travel, particularly in South America and Europe, the more people with tattoos I see.   In addition, so many professional athletes, artists, actors and other celebrities have tattoos and tattoo parlors are popping up on city blocks everywhere.   With increasing popularity (and trendiness) tattoos are everywhere and they seem like a fantastic way to express our interests, dreams, religion, significant others, kids and more. Watch an NBA game or music video and pay attention to the ink.  It’s hard to miss. We become walking billboards of sorts and can ‘say’ a lot without saying a word.   Many tattoo artists are skilled and creative and much of the work is really impressive – I often admire good tattoo art. But, it’s my job as the Smarter Sooner guy to suggest that you think VERY SERIOUSLY about getting a Tattoo first. Here’s why…

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