Cheer Up in 60-seconds: Use this…


Life is full of highs and lows, ups and downs. It’s human nature.   If life was excellent all of the time, we’d appreciate it less. But, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have a quick remedy to cheer ourselves up, right? Well, I’m going to share a method that is at our fingertips all the time and in unlimited supply! Here’s the remedy: the moment you find yourself lingering in negative / unhappy / low energy thoughts… stop what you’re doing for a moment, close your eyes and think of three or four things that you are grateful for in your life. They can be big or little things, tangible or intangible, relationships, friends, opportunities, experiences, health, fitness… anything. There are so many things in life that we can appreciate. We all have a list and it has nothing to do with monetary wealth.

With your eyes closed, think of each of the things you’re grateful for, one at a time, and really feel what it feels like to have this. Experience the goodness of it and what means to you and recognize how grateful you are for it. Think of yourself basking is it (seeing it like it’s actually happening). Savor this feeling and let it permeate. When you do this, whether you realize it or not, you completely change your state. Notice how your feel. Are you feeling more energized, happy, positive?   And, did you notice that the ‘low’ that you felt earlier passed? Those unhappy, low-energy feelings you had before are now totally replaced by inspired, energetic, positive reminders of amazing goodness that you have in your life. Nothing dramatic has changed other than a shifting of your focus. When you focus on goodness and gratitude, it changes your energy entirely. And, in addition to immediately feeling better, you also are now attracting that same goodness in your life. And, remember, focusing on the positive takes no more energy thank thinking negatively – so it’s super easy to shift.

The law of attraction states that ‘likes attract’. In this context, positive energy, inspired feelings attract those same vibrations. So, the more you’re positive, the more positivity you attract in your life (positivity can be anything good… relationships, opportunities, fun, wins, open doors, etc. That’s an amazing thing and it’s so easy. Imagine that – simply by feeling positive energy, you can attract more of the things you really want in your life.

I suggest this visualization of gratitude as a tool to invigorate you. That, alone, is enough of a reason to do it. But, if by doing so, you also more readily attract other positive things in your life too – that’s a bonus and is more reason to do it.

I’m grateful that you’re reading this blog and hope it brings many dimensions of ‘good’ into your life. Good luck and smile. That’s being Smarter Sooner!

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