3 Things I Regret


As I reflect on my college and high school years, I regret not doing three important things: 1) taking a semester or more abroad, 2) focusing on learning a second language, and 3) participating in some sort of drama or acting program. Here’s why and some things to think about to help you avoid regrets like these:

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Key to Success: Be an Expert

expertSimply put, becoming a true expert in your field will increase your success. It’s a fact, but it’s something that I didn’t learn until much later.   No matter what you do, the more expertise you have, the more successful you will be.

Think about any successful people you know. Their success is most likely directly associated with their knowledge, familiarity and fluency with their line of work. The better your skills and the more knowledge you have, the more valuable you are in the workplace. Employers know the difference between those people who simply try to coast through versus those who are genuinely applying themselves. Just like in sports, you can be a player like everyone else, or you can be the MVP.

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