Positive vs. Negative Thoughts

This blog is a reminder of the impact of a very old principle: that Likes Attract. The person who is Smarter Sooner knows this especially as it applies to thinking and saying positive things. Simply put, the more you behave / think / speak in a positive way, the more positive things you will have in your life. It’s so simple.


Conversely, when you’re generally negative in your thinking and speaking, you are more likely to attract negative things in your life.   If it takes the same amount of energy to be positive as it does to be/think negatively, why would you not be more positive? This is a very simple concept and something that, unfortunately, many people don’t realize and apply.   If the simple act of being positive would bring more goodness into your life, why wouldn’t you simply think positively? It’s a reminder that all of us can use. I believe that more people would apply this if they actually thought about it. Test if for yourself and see what happens.

Well-known author and profound thinker, Rhonda Byrne, addresses this exact topic in detail in her international best seller, The Secret.   She says it concisely in so many different ways and here are just a few of her quotes on the topic…

  • “Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting.”
  • “Your thoughts cause your feelings.”
  • “Happy feelings will attract more happy circumstances.”
  • “It’s not “wishful” thinking.”
  • “Every thought has a frequency. Thoughts send out a magnetic energy”
  • “You get exactly what you are FEELING.”

Below are several examples of very common negative thoughts and statements that we likely have either said or heard:

  • Starting any sentence with the following three words: “Knowing my luck…”
    • Example 1: “Knowing my luck, I’ll catch a cold after sitting on an airplane breathing that air for 3 hours.”
    • Example 2: “Knowing my luck, I’ll won’t win Salesman of the year because I never get recognized like that.”
    • Example 3: “Knowing my luck, Jennifer won’t call me back in time for me to ask her to the dance.”
  • Affirming negative things with strong definitive statements and superlatives:
    • Example 1: “I never get good parking spots at the airport.”
    • Example 2: “I always get sick in December.”
    • Example 3: “I’ll never make more than minimum wage.”

As you know, there are literally hundreds of ways to make statements that announce to yourself (and the universe) that you are unworthy. I’m sure you can recall times that you have both heard people make statements like this and made statements like this yourself. We all have.

The problem with these statements is that they affirm undesirable things in your life. And, very often, they are self-fulfilling (meaning that they actually happen because, as we now know, LIKES ATTRACT). And when these things actually happen, we somehow feel better because our prediction came true (and you can then say, “See, I knew I had bad luck.”).  When this happens, you are actually sabotaging yourself! Who really wants to do that?

What if you could change all of this without doing anything extra? All you have to do is change one or two words in your statements or simply stop making those negative statements. It literally takes the exact same amount of energy to project (say) something positive as it does to say the exact thing negatively. The simplest remedy is to just stop making negative statements about your life. And, if you want to take it a step further, stop making negative statements and, instead, make positive statements. These statements don’t have to be heard by anybody. You can simply make these statements when you’re alone (or even think these statements). By doing so, you change the energy / feel of your thoughts from negative to positive. When you’re positive you attract that into you life!

Affirm positive things in your life. Do it using the Smarter Sooner strategy and start realizing more of the things you want and less of what you don’t want.

Start by catching yourself any time you are about to say something negative and FLIP that sentence around to make it a positive one.   Affirm in your mind the good things that you want and dismiss the negative thoughts (don’t entertain these thoughts – let them pass right through your mind). When you want a parking spot at the ballgame, visualize there being a spot for you when you arrive. When you want to win Salesman of the year, visualize that happening – literally see (in your mind’s eye) the trophy on your desk with your name on it. When you want to have a date with that special somebody, visualize yourselves together on a date. And on and on… you get the idea.

And, here’s a catchall positive statement that you should say to yourself often:

“I’m receiving all that is good in my life and I’m so grateful.” Say that to yourself a few times. Doesn’t that feel better to say something like this instead of an old negative statement or thought? Say that to yourself each day. This is a powerful positive statement that creates that same energy around you. That’s what you want to attract. You deserve it.

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