Quietly Inspire & Manage Expectations


If you assume people are going to have the high standards that you might have, think again. You’ll likely be let down. But this should not stop you from keeping high standards and behaving like you should, regardless.

Unfortunately, more people than you might imagine have poor etiquette, lack proper social skills, manners and general discipline that parents would hope their children have.

Because of this, the Smarter Sooner thinker realizes the following opportunity:

  • Keep your high standards, no matter what other people do or how they behave.   Even if others let you down, be sure your behavior remains at a high standard and continue to set an example.
  • Because a relatively small percent of the population consistently keeps high standards, proper etiquette and manners, you will stand out and be recognized accordingly. This can be inspiring for others and perhaps will encourage them. And your etiquette will open doors for you and give you opportunities that others may never have.

High standards are for big and little things. Here are some simple and easy examples of this:

  • When you are invited to somebody’s house for dinner or a party, bring something for the host (bottle of wine, flowers, whatever). It’s really nice. You will be invited back!
  • When you are staying or visiting another’s home, treat it with the utmost respect. Be clean and tidy, tread lightly and ask before you ‘help yourself’ to anything. You will be invited back!
  • Hold the door for others. Be aware of people walking in and out of the same door. Always pause and let those ‘walking out’ go first. Taking 5 extra seconds to the hold the door for strangers will always be well-received, even at a gas station food mart where you’ll never see the person again. This is a positive thing that attracts other positive energy.
  • Let those exiting an elevator exit before you enter.
  • Calmly allow other drivers to merge or change lanes in front of you. It’s a stress-free way to keep the peace on the roads and might only slow you down for a few seconds. You are exhibiting good, calm energy.
  • Always wave (and signal a ‘thank you’) when others let you merge, turn or changes lanes in front of them. This encourages more of the same healthy road etiquette. Gratitude!
  • If you want to treat somebody to a meal, do so without any expectation that they’ll reciprocate. Do it because you truly want to be generous.
  • Show gratitude all the time. Be generous with “thanks you” and be sure to clearly and definitively let others know that you appreciate gestures, kindness and generosity of any type. Live bountifully.

We all know how the difference between good and bad manners, proper etiquette and poor etiquette… The Smarter Sooner thinker realizes the value in being disciplined with manners and etiquette. Try it. It’s an easy way to stand out, feel better about yourself, positively influence others and attract similar positive energy in your life. All of this is an opportunity!

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