Another important life efficiency concept, distilled by Tony Robbins and others, is Leverage. Leverage is critical because, if used correctly, it frees us to spend more time doing: 1) things that we want to do and, 2) things that are simply a better use of our time. In simplest terms, leverage suggests that we reduce our own personal burdens, workloads and general time commitments by delegating to and utilizing other people and resources in our lives as much as possible. In other words, don’t constantly feel like you have to do everything yourself. Delegate, share, and diffuse the burden. Think how it might feel to reclaim some time back in your life.

First, it’s important to define what the best use of your time actually is. Are there certain things that you have been trained to do and that fewer people can do? Are you better at certain things? Do some things take much longer for you to do than others who have different skill sets? An example for me is web and tech-related work. I’m good a lot of things and can figure out web / tech-related things, but I know it will take me 2-3 times a long as somebody who is more well-trained in that discipline. As such, I’ve finally learned that it’s usually a better decision to pay somebody to do web / tech work for me whenever possible and within reason. And, by doing so, I free up valuable time for other pursuits that are better uses of my time. This is just one example of several categories of tasks that I will usually try to delegate, when possible.

When you stubbornly spend time inefficiently doing work and projects, aside from the process being frustrated, you incur opportunity costs.   These opportunity costs are the costs associated with NOT doing something else that you could have been doing. There is always an exchange taking place because you can only truly allocate your attention to one thing at a time, which means at that moment you are neglecting a number of other things (the opportunities costs). The trick is to figure out which tasks are best delegated and which ones are not.

Assess what tasks you do most efficiently and effectively. Focus (most of the time) on these tasks, do them well and be proud of that.   Then, get comfortable delegating a subset of those extra time-consuming and annoying tasks to others who are more well-suited to handle those tasks (freelancers, others). The money, time, hassles and stress you’ll ultimately save by subscribing to the theory of Leverage will make it all worthwhile. By creating more time to do the things that are most compatible with your skillset, you’ll most likely work in a more productive manner with great success! The end result: a bit less stress, a bit more efficiency and, hopefully, some additional happiness in your life.

Make sure you measure how much time you reclaim in your life. Time is one of the most precious and fleeting commodities and it should never be wasted. Time also is an important ingredient of Happiness and gaining more time is definitely Smarter Sooner! While this blog speaks about one aspect of Leverage (reclaiming time), Tony Robbins profoundly describes additional attributes of leverage that are well-worth reading – https://www.tonyrobbins.com/career-business/the-power-of-leverage/

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